WELCOME To Our Online Community of Like Minds.
Are You Ready to Journey Inward?

The Path Of Empowerment

Starts From Within

Welcome To Our Village

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Vibe Tribe is a dedicated app, away from social media, that is focused on bridging the gap between doing the daily inner work & connecting with like-minds in a thriving online community.

Our village is both a holistic learning portal and a conscious collective. We believe that by coming together in this sacred space, to learn, heal & grow, we are creating a synergy of vibrational frequencies that will amplify the inner work of self-realization & transformation for both the individuals & the collective.

Our goals are to:

  • provide a safe space to share & grow

  • offer guidance to members on their inner journey & path to empowerment, and

  • recognize & honour that we are all unique by offering a wide range of tools, techniques & resources to support your journey.


What Is Inner Work?

A rewarding practice of healing, growth & transformation that leads to

Discovering my truths

Who's beliefs do you hold within your system? Are they limiting you from experiencing  joy? Do you express yourself with confidence & assertion or fear & aggression?

Letting go & Releasing

We often hang onto worries & stresses that we have no control over, as they are not ours. What are you hanging onto that is creating weight within your system and taking us space to receive the things you want to experience?

Exploring who I really am

Our stories often create our beliefs & our thought forms. We need to own our stories, but we do not have to be defined by them. How is your relationship with your stories?

Healing Emotions & Pathways

Do you allow yourself to acknowledge, receive & process your emotions in a healthy & balanced way? Or do you allow them to take over & make your choices, and if so, do you know how to manage your triggers?

Trusting my intuition

Do you allow your inner voice to guide you? Do you tune in to your body for clarity & direction.

Listening to my heart

Our mind is an incredible tool, but it is not always meant to lead us. Do you know how to listen to your heart and be safely led by love?

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Vibe Tribe's HQ

Illuminate Healing & Holistics, a metaphysical shop & wellness studio is Vibe Tribe's official HQ.


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#3, 21 Elizabeth Street, Okotoks, AB

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