"Something incredible happens when we realize that our stories do not define us & our emotions do not control us...."

A Universal mission to support & embody humanities shift into higher awareness & accessing new levels of consciousness. 

A Story of Passion & Purpose

Vibe Tribe is a calling. It is a co-creation with the Divine Organizing Intelligence. It is a dance with the Universe. It is a space for us to gather, share, learn, heal & grow. A space to be vulnerable, experience our emotions, but not be controlled by them. A space of non-judgment - for what is truth for one, may not be truth for another...what resonates with one, may not resonate with another....and that is the incredible beauty of unique expression! That is what makes our interactions and relationships so intriguing, diverse and curious.


There is no right or wrong way. There is only what is right for you in that moment. What feels right for you? What lights your inner fire? What speaks to you? Because at the heart of it, we are all here to experience the same things...unconditional love, connection and freedom to express and create....how we get there? That's the REAL treasure. That's the thrill!  That is the inner work of exploration & discovery of self. And when we finally give ourselves permission to dive in, we reveal a whole new universe within us. 

Are you ready to do the inner work and create meaningful & fulfilling experiences?   Join the Tribe.

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